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Jennifer Hopper Releases Highly Anticipated Single "Just Friends"

[New York, October 3, 2023] - Jennifer Hopper, the distinguished singer-songwriter celebrated for her compelling melodies and raw intimacy, is excited to unveil her highly awaited single Just Friends. The track, now available on all major streaming platforms, reinforces Hopper's unparalleled talent in creating music that connects profoundly with its audience.

The song's enthralling arrangement is attributed to producer Exos, paired with mixing expertise from Math Bishop, known for his work with luminaries like Taylor Swift and U2. Just Friends is brought to life by the evocative keys of renowned pianist Clifford Carter and the sublime guitar parts of Meg Toohey. Holding the musical piece together with rhythmic brilliance are bassist Graham Maby and drummer Joe Goretti.

The track was recorded at the Clubhouse by Paul Antonell in Rhinebeck, NY and at Evergreen Sound Lab by Exos in Clayton, NY. Mastering was handled by Bobbi Giel at 1979 in the heart of Nashville, TN. Special recognition goes to executive producers Fred Gage and John Schmauch, and to Patron of the Arts, Phil Amsterdam.

Delving into her inspiration, Hopper remarks, "I love telling stories that resonate with people, especially when it comes to matters of the heart. Things like unrequited love and the dream of what could be are powerful ideas, and I think this song captures those in a hopeful way."

Fans and new listeners alike are invited to immerse themselves in this captivating auditory experience. Just Friends stands as a testament to Jennifer Hopper's ever-evolving artistry and her commitment to producing authentic, heartfelt music.

For further information, press assets, or interview requests, please contact Fred Gage with Sugar Mountain Music at (530) 392-2234.



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