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It’s easy to feel completely alone when we go through difficult seasons in our lives.


Maybe you’re in that place right now. You feel like you can barely keep your head above the water because you’ve been fighting for so long. 


Maybe you’ve lost someone dear to you and you feel as if you’re missing a part of yourself. Maybe careless words spoken by others echo through the halls of your mind. 


Or perhaps, like me, you battle fear, depression, and anxiety—all things that have tried to consume you like a dark cloud.


And if you’re at the edge of a cliff contemplating a jump that you can’t return from, please take the courageous step of reaching out to a friend for help. It’s bold, it’s uncomfortable—but your life is worth it.


In seasons where God seems silent, know that he is still fighting for you. When you feel like you can’t possibly cry anymore, he is holding you. When you feel numb and alone, he is with you and will never leave you. And when you are having a breakdown, he is the one who will be there to help you rebuild. 


I wrote “Do It Afraid” during the darkest season of my life. I hope the words help you feel like you’re not alone. The darkness does not last forever. The warmth of life will return. We must keep moving forward—and sometimes, we just have to do it afraid.



Written by Jennifer Hopper

Produced, recorded, and mixed by Jennifer Hopper, Christopher Hopper and Brian Moore

Mastered by Brian Moore

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